Boost e-commerce sales with custom dynamic pages

sales with
dynamic pages

Our task was to create a powerful ecommerce sales engine and help a business deliver a great online experience that easily leads customers to the final goal - conversion, smoothly and easily.


The Challenge

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly bump into a huge, dark mystic object only to realize that it’s an ogre called Legacy throwing custom object code blocks. This vaguely describes how we felt when one legacy project was throwing custom objects filled with JSON configurations at us.


The Problem

We started to feel the heavy burden of documentation. Customers didn’t have much flexibility to order elements of a page, manipulate the content of elements. They couldn’t use a SFCC dynamic system in the best way with everything Salesforce has to offer. 


The Solution

Our goal was to create a solution that would enable a client to order blocks in any random manner. To achieve so, we introduced the system of content slots, assets and custom components, which made the manipulation with blocks smooth yet dynamic. 
This is one of the main advantages of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 


The Magic Behind Building Custom Dynamic Pages

Why all the fuss about dynamic order of components? Once we agreed with our clients to use custom ISML template and content slots, we could fully prepare the backend of the ecommerce platform for the best UX. 


You could target certain customer groups within the certain time span.


Our approach removed the huge responsibility of maintaining JSON properties. It was also a time-saver as you need not to search through the code to find where they were used. 

The slot with different components attached makes ordering simple and easy. This way we have full control of the presented content where each rendered component requested data that appears in the same order as in the content slot.


Content managers can easily access and create new content assets (components) with several images (products). Adding products is as easy as just performing a simple copy / paste action to array using the product ids.


We empowered content managers to become more confident in implementing their strategies, and maintain and organize the website on their own.